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What is wear?

See here types of wear. 

Questionary on working conditions

Download our questionary on working conditions.   Questionary 

Products properties

See here properties and characteristics of wear. 

Comparative guide of wear resistance

See a comparative table of wear resistance. See comparative table of the products.
Download the comparative table of wear resistance of our products.
Download the comparative table. 

Less number of irregular shutdowns

- Decreases the number of irregular shutdown, allowing to schedule them for most suitable periods.  

- Avoids loss of profit during irregular shutdowns. 

- Saves on permanent and temporary personnel during maintenance shutdowns as well as on equipment amortisation.     

- Increases profits on investments. 

Scheduling wear resistance maintenance

- Awareness of future necessities of production. 

- Awareness of a duration period of wear resistant linings as well as existing working conditions. 

- Results of periodic inspections of thickness level of different areas of wear. To be carried out with portable non destructive devices, if it is possible. 

- Analysis of inspection of wear process, of equipment substituted to know areas and types of wear.   

- Consider possible reduction of the reasons of wear: 

    . decreasing the height of the fall 
    . decreasing the angle
    . foreseeing greater radius possible
    . reducing speed 

- Scheduling equipment shutdowns.

- Choosing proper wear resistant coatings. 

- Carrying out a new wear resistant design.

- Comparing the cost efficiency of investment in wear resistant materials of the AD ANTIDESGAST

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